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    • We’ve sold, installed and repaired
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  • Your new investment deserves a flawless installation and highly qualified service. For this reason, Cadillac Garage Door and Grand Traverse Garage Door is dedicated to working with you every step of the way, making your experience an enjoyable one, from choosing the right door to the final flawless installation. Quality work time after time: that’s the promise made to all of our customers.

    Cadillac Garage Door and Grand Traverse Garage Door is proud to provide top-quality garage door openers that are silent, reliable and safe. We have proudly selected to carry the LINEAR PRO ACCESS brand because they are the openers that offer the best price/value ratio on the market.

    We also provide wall-mounted residential operator when it is not possible to install a trolley operator. For example, if you have a cathedral roof or a headroom over than 20 inches.
    8500 en  
    LiftMaster Elite Series
    It mounts easily on the wall beside the garage door, the LiftMaster 8500 opener comes with a remote 200-watt light that can be positioned  anywhere in the garage. The optional EverCharge® Standby Power System – that continues to operate your opener even when the power goes out – makes it even more convenient.

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    We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for residential or commercial door openers in order to meet your needs, whatever model of door opener or special use you have, for instance in apartment or condominium buildings.

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